Company Fisker demonstrated a prototype of a serial electric vehicle EMotion

The company Fisker finally presented a working prototype of its electric EMotion. The first non-working prototype of the car was shown to the public in 2016, but since then the company only showed cloudy teasers. But, despite the difficulties, this time the developers were able to meet the time and presented a novelty at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Henrik Fisker, the head of the company, noted that the “Tesla killer” has impressive characteristics, among which he highlighted the fast charging – the batteries are fully charged in nine minutes, and the EMotion’s power reserve is more than 643 kilometers per charge. EMotion will be assembled in the US. Where exactly – they promise to tell later, most likely, closer to summer.

According to the head of the company, the car is going to be launched into batch production at a price of 130 thousand dollars for the model in the base configuration. Approximately for the same money you can buy a car Tesla Model X, the characteristics of which are much more modest. At the presentation of the car during the exhibition CES 2018 Fisker did not skimp on generous epithets, emphasizing the emotional design of the car, but did not forget to pay attention to the technological innovations used in the creation of the car.

The head of Fisker said that his company will also produce budget electric cars that can compete with Tesla Model 3. These cars will have much more modest characteristics, but they are perfect for trips around the city. Announcement of the new model will be held later this year.