Helite has developed a safety cushion for people

Airbags for cars have long been a part of our life with you, but airbags for people are something new. As part of the annual CES 2018 , which opened its doors to visitors in Las Vegas, the French company Helite introduced its new development – a belt with a built-in airbag, similar to that installed in cars.

Helite for many years engaged in the creation of airbags of various forms and purposes: for pilots of small aircraft, motorcyclists and even fans of riding. In the same year, they announced a new generation of airbags, designed for fans of dangerous hobbies and extreme sports. The novelty is called Hip ‘Air, it weighs only one kilogram and looks like a regular belt, which instantly reacts to the fall of a man and deploys an airbag around his waist.

On average, even the fastest fall of a person takes about 400 milliseconds. High-precision gyroscopes and accelerometers installed in Hip ‘Air allow the belt to determine the beginning of the fall after 200 milliseconds, and the deployment of the airbag takes an additional 80 milliseconds. This is enough to avoid serious pelvic and spinal injuries, which most often occur with people during extreme sports. The head, of course, is best protected with helmets of safety and other devices.

The device will go on sale in Europe in March this year, and in the US it will appear later – in September. The cost of the belt cushion is impressive – it will cost you $ 790. If you want to recharge it after use, you’ll have to shell out another $ 50. Expensive? Of course, but health is much more expensive.