Street lantern-spy is presented

This year CES has already presented us with a lot of very interesting announcements from various fields of science and high technologies. One of the intriguing novelties is a start-up called Wi-Fiber, which is a “smart” modular LED street lamp. The lantern may well become a part of the so popular “smart city” today, because it is able to monitor passers-by, warn of danger and even distribute the Internet.

Modules inside the lantern are interchangeable and fully customizable. LED lamps change color depending on the situation and allow you to warn about the danger. Also, an “intelligent” lantern can distribute Wi-Fi, and by placing a video surveillance camera inside, you can shoot video with a resolution of up to 4K and record audio. By the way, it is possible to produce a separate audio recording using voice recognition algorithms in order to identify intruders.

Wi-Fiber can search for individuals and archive images, so that they can be accessed in the future. In addition, the system is equipped with firearm sensors and sensors for determining air quality. And the location of Wi-Fi points will not only help citizens to get access to the Internet, but also create a link with other elements of the smart city, and also relieve the network of cellular operators.