The Israeli army will be supplied with "combat" smartphones running Android

To date, smartphones and tablets are used to simplify life almost everywhere: in production, in schools, in universities, but very soon smartphones will be used in the army on the battlefield. It is reported that very soon the armament of the Israeli army will receive special “combat” gadgets running the operating system Android.

The smartphones themselves will have very interesting features. First, they will be equipped with a special fastener for comfortable wearing on the wrist. Secondly, each smartphone will receive the function of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, as well as a strengthened titanium case. In addition, the devices will have an extremely high degree of protection against hacking. New “combat” gadgets will allow the soldiers to coordinate their actions on the battlefield.

In addition, each fighter will be able to find his companions in the heat of battle, designate themselves or other points of interest for their comrades. The interface will also show the fighters who need help. In general, if you played a series of games Battlefield, then all of the above can be imagined without difficulty. At the moment there is no information on whether smartphones will have any other functions. Also not called the provider of devices and what software they will use for work. However, it is known that the army will supply gadgets in the next year.