RED reported new details about the "holographic" smartphone

In July 2017, it became known that the company RED is working on a smartphone with a “holographic” screen. At the same time, very few details were announced. With the approach of new products to the market, the company told more about it. Moreover, the web also has a video longer than five minutes, showing the smartphone Hydrogen One.

A few months ago, RED Digital Cinema announced the smartphone Hydrogen One. For the first time this camera manufacturing company decided to offer its smart phone on the market. In more detail, the prospects of the novelty and background of technology were examined by Scott Adam Gordon (Scott Adam Gordon) on the pages of the resource .

In July 2017, the device was referred to as “the world’s first” holographic “smartphone,” but it was not very well known at that time. And now the company RED has issued a press release revealing a few more details of its forthcoming release.

RED works in partnership with Leia Inc. to create a display that will combine the proprietary technology screens of Leia and the software platform, which are reported to make mobile entertainment the way they have not been before.

The company Leia, as noted in addition, has a nano-photon design and manufacturing capabilities that allow to equip mobile devices with “holographic” displays. These screens are made on the basis of LCD-technology.

Hydrogen One will be able to project holographic images from the screen. It will be like augmented reality. It seems that these “holographic” objects will be located on top of the screen of the new device, just as the car and the cone are located above the display in the video concept shown by Leia in 2015.

Regardless of how the technology works, as mentioned above, or simply a screen effect similar to that implemented in Nintendo 3DS, the device has the necessary potential to become one of the most impressive developments in the smartphone industry for many years. The new technology also gives new possibilities for its application – it can, for example, be used for 3D-maps. Technologies of virtual and augmented reality have existed for more than a year, and it is possible that it will be in the new RED smartphone that they finally show up in something interesting for a wider audience of users. The new development is focused primarily on its use for digital entertainment.

Consumers can make a pre-order for a smartphone Hydrogen One on the official website of RED. The device in the aluminum case costs 1195 US dollars, while the price of Hydrogen One in the titanium case is 1595 US dollars. However, the prices for models of new items were called earlier. But hold the device with a “holographic” screen in their hands users will only in the first half of 2018, as further notes the company RED.

In addition, the user of YouTube, Marques Brownlee (Marques Brownlee), was posted a rather long video, which examines the prototype of Hydrogen One. It is noted that the upcoming novelty is equipped with a 5.7-inch display. At the bottom is a headphone jack, and on the back of the device you can see its dual camera. The moment the screen is used on this video is blurred, so you do not see how it will look likethe main feature of the device – “holographic” functionality of the display of one of the most unusual in the history of smartphones.