Robot citizen of Saudi Arabia rose to her feet

Robot girl Sofia, who not so long ago wanted to destroy all people, but instead obtained the citizenship of Saudi Arabia, has now become even more attractive, having received as a gift a pair of charming (by the standards of robots, of course) legs. Previously, Sophia did not have a lower part of the trunk, and now she can walk independently at a speed of about kilometer per hour.

In addition, the young lady dances well, performing simple movements, and still can gesticulate on the go. With new skills and a part of the body, she already boasted at CES 2018. Developers are constantly improving Sofia, improving its hardware component and software platform. Now the robot is able to express 62 emotions, speaks English, moves the limbs, coquettishly inclines his head and knows how to look into the eyes of the interlocutor.

Despite the knowledge of English, most of the topics for conversation will be supported only by monosyllabic answers, “yes” or “no”, but on some popular topics with her, you can still have a good chat, as the visitors of CES 2018, which Sofia appeared in Black dress and charming silvery boots.