In Russia, they will begin selling smartphones on the domestic mobile OS Sailfish

During the recent DIF 2017 (Digital Infrastructure Forum) conference, Open Mobile Platform announced the beginning of cooperation with OCS Distribution, which will launch the production of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices on the territory of the Russian Federation. All new gadgets will work on the basis of Sailfish Mobile OS RUS.

This cooperation is beneficial to each company, since the first is responsible for the software, and the second for the technical implementation. The new Sailfish Mobile OS RUS is already included in the register of domestic software. In addition, it is officially approved as the state alternative to Android. Mobile devices based on the domestic mobile OS are planned to be used in state structures, in government and in Russian companies, which are afraid for the safety of personal data. The developers state that Sailfish Mobile OS RUS will ensure the full confidentiality of user information.

About when the first devices go to retail, at the moment is not reported, but this should happen in the very near future. In this case, most likely, the first wholesale buyers will be able to receive the latest Russian smartphones in the end of 2017 – early 2018.

It is worth recalling that one of the first mobile devices based on Sailfish Mobile OS RUS was the Russian device INOI R7, the announcement of which was held in February 2017. Despite the fact that the gadget has an obsolete “stuffing”, it is quite successfully and quickly running under the Russian operating system.