Samsung patented smart sweater to recharge the smartphone

Recently, there are more and more clever gadgets, the main purpose of which is to simplify the work with existing devices or add new functions. And not all of these devices are entirely related to the world of electronics. There is already a mass of prototypes of various smart clothes, but so far for its production does not take large manufacturers, the spread is unlikely to get. And it seems that the first steps in this direction are made by the Korean giant Samsung, which patented a special clever sweater.

Information on the Korean patents appeared on the website of the International Patent Bureau. Innovation from Samsung is designed not just to warm in the cold, but also to become a portable charger, which is in every way always at hand. Unlike most similar products, the Samsung sweater will be recharged by the heat and movement of its carrier, while most of the existing samples are recharged from the outlet by the “traditional” method (and you see that the sweater stuck in the socket looks slightly wild).

On the surface of smart clothing (or rather, in the back area) is a special sensor that reads information about the movement of the user. At this point, power is transferred and energy is converted into a charging device. Information about the energy capacity at the moment there, but in combination with wireless charging, such clothing opens up a huge space for creativity. Just imagine: you put the smartphone in your pocket, and while it’s there, the battery charge is replenished!