Tesla started installation of solar tiles in the homes of customers

Tesla began installing the roofs to the first customers from among the customers. Installation first worked at the homes of employees of the company. The square meter of the roof from Tesla and SolarCity costs customers $ 220, which is not very expensive, but you will not have to patch it in the next thirty years – Tesla gives a guarantee.

Deliveries to customers were planned to begin earlier, but several times postponed because of various problems, including those related to the delivery of components. Nevertheless, despite all the problems, the company began installation of everyone who made an advance payment of $ 1,000. In order not to slow down and to fulfill the required volume of supplies, the company moved production from a small California factory to a large production facility in New York State, where about 500 employees work on the assembly of roof elements.

Pre-orders for roofs began to take in the spring of 2017 – then, after the presentation of Ilona Mask, the roofs were interested in many, because in appearance they are no different from ordinary ones. In addition, the client can independently choose the coloring, imitating various materials. The strength of the plates provides a special glass, and for the accumulation of energy meet the batteries PowerWall, which are supplied complete with a roof.