Time magazine named the 10 best gadgets of 2017

Annually, the editorial office of the famous American magazine Time compiles a rating of the ten most popular electronic devices. In it, as a rule, get those smart phones, game consoles and other gadgets that in a short time manage to win the love of users and become incredibly popular. This year the list turned out to be rather unusual, and its device was headed, whose success was literally yesterday nobody believed.

10. Sony Alpha A7R III

The new Sony camera was a real gift for professionals and photography enthusiasts. With tangible technical advantages over the predecessor model, as well as a more pleasant price than the same A9 Alpha, the Alpha A7R III camera quickly gained popularity among users and was recognized as one of the best SLR cameras in history. The resolution of the matrix is ​​twice as high as that used in the A9, while the autofocus is twice as fast as the A7R II. Time editors recommend this model to everyone without exception, people who are planning to have a new camera in the near future.

9. Apple Watch 3

In the smart hours, few believed. And even after Apple introduced the world the very first model of its Apple Watch in 2015, skeptics insisted that such a gadget is doomed to an early death. But it was not there. Slowly, but surely, the clock from the Cupertino wizards began to win the hearts of people around the world. Today they are athletes, movie stars, politicians, and just ordinary people. The fourth model of the clock (after Series 0, 1 and 2) was able to autonomously exist without binding to the smartphone. From now on, the user can make calls using the special built-in SIM card clock. More powerful iron and full protection from water complete the picture.

8. Xbox One X

After Microsoft dried out in the current generation of consoles to its Japanese competitor Sony, the Redmond company needed somehow to be rehabilitated. The lifeblood has become the most powerful game console in the history of the industry – Xbox One X. This console has a processing power of six teraflops and is capable of producing a picture in 4K resolution without technical tricks like “chess rendering”. At the same time, it is completely silent and practically not heated, thanks to a unique cooling system. Almost all popular games received special patches, improving the quality of images, textures and special effects. The manufacturer is very proud of his brainchild and claims that it is simply impossible for the users to buy such an equally powerful gaming computer for such money.

7. Amazon Echo (second generation)

Virtual assistants in the form of clever columns are becoming more popular. And while Apple has not released its HomePod, Amazon is one of the leaders of this still niche market. The second generation of the smart Echo column is better than its predecessor in almost everything. Its dimensions have decreased, and the design has become more attractive. The device contains a low-frequency subwoofer and a tweeter, which makes the music sounds as juicy and pleasant as possible. At the same time, Echo costs only 99 dollars, which makes it an incredibly attractive purchase for any American.

6. Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES

Japanese company Nintendo skillfully plays on the nostalgia of grown-up fans, continually releasing modern reissues of classic game consoles. This has already happened with the NES Mini, and now it’s up to the 16-bit generation. SNES Mini is sold just fine, especially considering that it is hacked literally in five minutes and anyone can download any video games from the distant past into its internal memory. And the ability to play on the original controllers (of which there are two in the set) is a completely separate pleasure. With our overview on this console, you can read this link .

5. Samsung Galaxy S8

Despite a very difficult year, Koreans from Samsung are not going to give up positions. The president of the world-famous electronic corporation received a five-year sentence in prison, gadget batteries explode, casting a shadow on the reputation of the manufacturer, but the new models of the popular line of smartphones Galaxy continue to come out with an enviable regularity. The flagship of Galaxy S8 was the first practically frameless device. His display pleases incredible image quality, and exquisite design attracts the views of others.

4. DJI Spark

A tiny drone of Spark from the famous DJI manufacturer in sizes (if one does not take into account the screws) is no more than the palm of an adult. DJI engineers did everything to make this drone as friendly and user friendly as possible. He does not need remote control to navigate in space. Just double tap on the button on the body of the drone, and it soars up right out of your hands. You can manage it not only from the official application, but also by hand gestures. Raise your hand – and it will fly higher, lower it – the drone will approach you. Turn around your axis – and Spark will fly around you. Form a rectangle from the fingers – and the drone will take your photo. This simple control makes DJI Spark one of the best devices of 2017.

3. Microsoft Surface Laptop

Opens the top three leaders of the first full-fledged laptop from Microsoft (it is a full, not a mixture of the tablet and keyboard). He became a real revelation for many. No matter how much we swear at the corporation from Redmond, still it sometimes surprises us not only with its software (Windows 10 is a striking example), but also with iron. Ultrabuk works under the control of the operating system Windows 10 S (you can upgrade the version to a full-fledged OS at any moment), which is quite enough for comfortable work with many applications from the official store of the company. A long battery life, increased data security, and good hardware make this laptop one of the most attractive on the market.

2. Apple iPhone X

The second place deservedly departs the most expensive smartphone in the history of the corporation Apple – we are talking about the iPhone X. The incredibly stylish, frameless gadget has become one of the most coveted purchases for millions of people around the world. Before the official stores lined kilometer queue wishing to get into their use so attractive smartphone. And despite some technical problems like refusing to respond to touching the screen at low temperatures or burnout OLED-display, people still bear their hard earned and voluntarily give them to wizards from Apple. That’s why iPhone X deservedly takes the second place in the rating.

1. Nintendo Switch

The leader this year is completely unexpected for many was the first ever hybrid game console Nintendo Switch (our review you can read here). With its help, you can play video games at home on your TV, on the road, on a bus or aboard an airplane. Japanese wizards from Nintendo, in cooperation with NVIDIA, managed to stuff such a powerful hardware into the tiny case that it can easily launch games like Doom (modern version), Skyrim and even the last Wolfenstein. If you add more hits such as the new Zelda or Mario Odyssey, which already won the highest ratings of critics and hundreds of prestigious awards, it becomes clear that Nintendo is seriously determined to regain the once lost leadership in the gaming industry. To date, the demand for Switch worldwide far exceeds supply, and the Japanese are trying to increase production to please everyone. On monthly sales, the Nintendo Switch is already ahead of the Sony and Microsoft consoles combined. But in fact a few months ago no one believed in this baby at all. That is why the console is headed by the rating compiled by the editors of the Times magazine.

Source : hi-news.ru