What is waiting for smartphones with fingerprint scanners?

Fingerprint scanners today are already equipped with many smartphones, and not only the most expensive of the devices of this category. However, next year the trend of equipping smart phones with fingerprint scanners will get a very impressive development. In addition, the technology itself, which was recently considered as a bonus function, is being improved.

In the market there was a growing demand for smartphones, staffed with fingerprint scanners. From the characteristics of flagship devices, this technology is gradually becoming a mass trend. According to analysts, in 2018 more than 1 billion delivered to the market of smartphones will be equipped with fingerprint scanners. In more detail, the current state of the market and the direction of improving technology were considered on the pages of the resource 91mobiles.com .

Currently, the leader in the supply of smartphones with fingerprint scanners is Samsung (market share – 12%). Immediately after it with quite impressive indicators – Apple (market share – 11%) and Huawei (market share – 8%). This condition was observed in the market in the second quarter of 2017, according to the research firm Counterpoint Research, announced by it on September 29, 2017.

Fingerprint scanners are no longer a bonus, but a standard hardware feature in smartphones from different vendors. The rapid spread of this function is due to services such as digital payments and mobile banking.

Neil Shah, director of Counterpoint Research, points out that Apple and Xiaomi are leading in their total supply, followed by Huawei and OPPO. A smaller share in the total volume of deliveries is occupied by such smart phones from Samsung, ZTE and LG.

Chinese brands that offer smartphones on the market use fingerprint scanners as a distinctive feature of their products in emerging markets, which allows them to compete with local and global brands.

The newest fingerprint scanners are based on ultrasound technology, which allows creating 3D images of fingerprints, which is a safer method, the research firm notes. Fingerprint scanners are used not only to unlock phones and make payments, but also to manage the camera, gallery and other applications.